Occupational Therapy & Equine Assisted Therapy for Children


Gain skills and achieve your goals with Deanna Williamson (registered OT) from the comfort of your own home or school.

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Equine-Assisted Occupational Therapy

Based in bayside Brisbane, the peaceful and empowering experience of OT with horses may boost your child’s confidence, develop communication and social skills and improve motor and self-care skills.

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Self-paced courses for practical skill development in toilet training and self-regulation.

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Deanna Williamson

Occupational Therapist

Every day I see parents trying their best. Every day I see children responding to what happens at home.

I'm Deanna Williamson and as a parent myself, I know that what happens at home is vastly more influential than what happens in a one-hour appointment each week. For this reason, families are very involved in each therapy session. We turn off our mobile phones, we shut the door and we are totally present with your child.

I don’t dictate what we will do and when. It’s not all about me. I need to work alongside you and your child so that we figure it out together.

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