Equine Assisted Therapy.

I have been a passionate horsewoman all my life. I never imagined I could combine my passion for horses and my work, but equine-assisted therapy has allowed me to bring these two worlds together.

Equine therapy is an emerging and innovative approach with exciting opportunities for families of children with disabilities.

Equine OT is non-riding, but your child will experience a fun range of activities with horses, tailored to your child’s own goals for independence in self-care, play, and school. This could be working on fine motor skills through basic horse care activities like grooming and gross motor skills such as leading the horse through obstacles.

We love horses and we want them to feel safe and comfortable during our sessions. Learning about horse behaviour and horse care will be part of our time together and is an important part of keeping ourselves and our horses safe. This may develop children’s understanding of their own bodies and self-care.

The care of our horses includes:

  • Ensuring the horses have fresh food and water.
  • Shelter is available during sessions and when resting.
  • Regular health and vet checks.
  • A safe horse environment.
  • Kind and respectful horse handling.
  • The opportunity to socialise with other horses.

Will Equine OT suit my child?

I want to make sure this is right for you. It is still an OT session, so we focus on your child’s goals and go through the normal OT assessment process before starting with the horses.

Equine OT can be a great way for children who find it hard to engage in mainstream therapy to achieve their goals in a low-pressure, non-clinical setting. We have the added benefit of working in a natural environment with fresh air and sunshine.

The sessions are suitable for privately funded and NDIS-funded children with disabilities and developmental delays including autism, ADHD, and anxiety.

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